Individual Career Development Plan (IDP)
Download the Optimizing YOUR Individual Development Plan Powerpoint presentation for more information.
  1. Applicants to CORRT program should include a completed IDP form as part of their career development plan. This form is not included in the 5 page limit.
  2. Currently funded CORRT scholars should submit an updated IDP form every 6 months after a review with their primary mentor to Kay Bohnert ( and she will send to their CORRT liaison.
  3. The Primary Mentor will also submit the Mentor-Scholar Progress Assessment Form to Kay Bohnert ( and she will send to their CORRT liaison using the same time frame format.
  4. If needed, the Scholar Performance-Improvement Plan Form may be submitted to Kay Bohnert ( She will forward to the CORRT Liaison. This form is only necessary if the scholar is not meeting the goals set forth in the IDP.
  5. The Scholar Self-Assessment Form should be submitted annually to Kay Bohnert ( and she will forward to the CORRT Liaison., during the NIH progress report update.
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